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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

A lsit of frequently asked questions is avalibal at documentation/faq/.


User manual for Searchdaimon Es

Table of Contents

First steps


Different versions, virtual appliance

32-bit cpu issues


VMware Player installation

VMware ESX installation

VirtualBox installation

KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) installation

Basic configuration

Find the IP-address or hostname

Open the administration panel

Optionally add a primary user system

User system: Setup Microsoft Active Directory

First collection and search

Add collections

Try the first search

Administration panel



Add manually

End users

User systems


Statistics & logs

Phone home

Administration tasks

Increasing the size of the virtual disk in VMware

Increasing the size of the virtual disk in Virtualbox

Searching without logging in (anonymous / public search)

Configure an external firewall

TCP/IP configuration

From console

From webadmin

Crawling and indexing data sources

Microsoft Exchange

Excluding files and folders from a crawl

End-user integration, local client software and patching

Differences between opening and downloading a file

Opening files from network shares in Internet Explorer, FireFox or Google Chrome

Exchange with Outlook 2008 or 2010 in Windows

End-user search guide

Getting started


Creating your own data connector


The ES crawler API

Example 1: A Twitter connector using the Twitter json API and Perl

Example 2: Using attributes

Interacting directly with the ES

Getting ssh access for the “boitho” user

Running the crawler from the connsole

Working with text. Use UTF-8

Running Perl from the connsole

Installing CPAN modules

Customising the look and feel

Translating the search engine result page into a new language

Search results api

Api demo

Opensearch v1.1

Searchdaimon v2.1

Plain v1.0

Future functions


Add documents with REST api

Searching with the REST api

Quickstart & administrator guide (in Norwegian only) (Pdf)

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