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Online demo of search interface, administration panel and api

This is a demo of the ESs search interface, just as it appears to regular end-users.

In this demo we have indexed 67 537 Wikipedia articles in Word format, 2 file share with about 4 000 internal Searchdaimon documents, a small SharePoint site, a small Exchange setup and our website


Username: demo
Password: 1234Asd

Some queries to try



enterprise search

Search for "enterprise search". Shows hits from different content sources (collections). Use the menu on the left and the collection tabs to navigate.

runar buvik attribute:"Person"

Hits in SuperOffice contacts.

SD Webcrawler

The document "FAQ SD Webcrawler.doc" is stored at 4 different places. Among them SuperOffice, and in two Windows shares. These are shown as duplicates.

Hit in a SharePoint contact.

A full outline over functions and services are available at products->more about es.

Anonymous/public search


You may use the ES to offer search to the public. For example as a search function on a website. This Example show how a search function on the website could look like.

Administration panel overview

Here is an outline over the most important functions and services of the administration interface. Click on the pictures below to read more about each of them.

Add manually
End users
User systems
Statistics & logs
Phone home
View all as a single page.



The ES comes with a well designed API for integration against other systems, so you can design your own solutions or user interfaces. Here is an outline over the most important functions. A full outline is available here.

Opensearch / RSS


Opensearch was developed by for syndication and aggregation of search results. You can use Opensearch to let your users subscribe on search results with RSS, or to develop your own frontend. There are also several existing third party frontends and metasearch systems that support Opensearch.

Username: demo
Password: 1234Asd

Search for "enterprise search" with Opensearch. Replace query=enterprise+search with query=xx to search for other words.


The ES suggests query words for you, while you are typing. You can use the Suggest API to make alternate representaions or your own solutions.

Username: demo
Password: 1234Asd

Search for "s". Replace prefix=s with prefix=xx to search for other words.



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