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Add manually

Collections/Resources -> Add manually

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Add new collection.


When adding a new collection, you need to specify which crawler to use. Crawlers included in the standard version:

  • SMB Microsofts file sharing protocol. Use this for shared folders in Windows.
  • Exchange Microsoft Exchange e-mail server.
  • Intranet Web servers located on the intranet.
  • SuperOffice SuperOffice CRM.
  • ExchangePublic Public Folders in Microsoft Exchange.
  • Sharepoint Microsoft Sharepoint.



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Specifying detailed information


The details needed can vary between crawlers. For instance the SMB crawler:

  • User system The crawler fetches data about user access, and has to know what user system the collection belongs to. For most companies, this will be Microsoft Active Directory. Some systems, like SuperOffice, use their own user systems. In such cases, the user system has to be added before the collection, under User systems.
  • Authentication Specify username and password for a user who has access to read all documents you want to search.
  • User prefix Sometimes an installation of the system we are connecting to needs us to add a prefix to our usernames. For instance a domain name: "DOMAIN\".
  • What to crawl Address of the resource. The format varies between crawlers.
  • Crawling behaviour Specify how often we should look for document updates. For some crawlers, every file has to be checked. You should therefore avoid crawling too often. Once per day is usually good.


When everything is filled in, click "Add collection". The collection will now appear in Overview, and will immediately start to fetch documents if we are allowed to crawl at this time of day (see Collection manager).


Tips: If your active directory is sdtest.local and your username is sdes most servers need your username to be sdtest\sdes . Mark thet it is "\", not "/".


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