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Why search

It is no longer the amount of information which is the challenge, but to find the right one at the right time.

The amount of digital information are growing exponentially, while prices and capacity of computer storages are sinking. The result is that most companies today have vast amounts of data, either in the form of documents and e-mails, or stored in structural databases.

Most of today's systems, if it is storing files directly on your computer, or a document management system, requires you to make deliberate choices on how to structurize and store your knowledge. This includes deciding where to store it, what name it should have, and how meta-data should be handled. When these systems grow large, finding information may be a challenge.

Some of today's challenges

  • Efficiency
    Quickly find documents or information we don't know where is, or if it exists at all.

  • Information and knowledge sharing
    Find and use information produced by others, and make our own documents easily accessible.

  • Right information at right time
    Get relevant information at request, when customers and partners needs it.

  • Depending on colleagues
    Finding information produced by colleagues who no longer works in the company, or who is away for some other reason.


  • Time equals money
    We spend unnecessary time looking for information. Time we could have spent doing what we are paid to do.

  • Doing the same job twice
    We end up reproducing information when we cannot find it, or when we don't know it exists.

  • Time stealers
    Often, we end up using other people's time, when we don't find what we are looking for.

  • Poor information flow
    Critical information isn't accessible when you need it.


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